Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Law Of Nature-CHANGE

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I Can

And the Wisdom to know the difference-Reinhold Niebuhr

Recently with the change on the floor of political world,there is uncertainty among masses. Unable to understand what is actually happening withing Indian Politics. People are actually finding it difficult to accept the change. And difficult to absorb the fact that masses are getting more and more educated and understand what is good for them or not. 
    Very disturbed with the fact that even long running alley of Congress i.e. Trinamool Congress could break its bonding with Congress on grounds of supporting people with opposing FDI in Indian market and Rise in diesel prices. More surprisingly Media and people in political world are now more concerned with the fact that Congress is working unperturbed and has actually passed the Cabinet resolution on FDI and other parties which were thinking of mass oppositions on recent reforms are not observing so. Well,what happened and what is happening???? A day before yesterday the masses which was accusing the UPA government on corruption charges are still supporting it on recent reforms.
                Many views are presented and many are authenticated by experts. The major reason behind recent transition according to some experts are that -It is not like the way that people has spared UPA on corruption ground,UPA will definitely has to definitely explain its stand on corruption issues and losses to Indian Exchequer but masses are not ready to oppose for reforms being introduced in Indian Market. AMAZED!!!! YEsS,people are aware now of actual facts,pros and cons of policies and laws which are actually being enacted. Masses are now coming forward to question the authorities,all thanks to RTI and RTS. 
      There was an opposition to raised in diesel prices and cap on LPG cylinder. Definitely Change creates uncertainty, people started feeling that GOI is not thinking about well being of a common man and sense of insecurity rises but slowly they started absorbing the fact that change is necessary for country's economy . Maybe government don't have enough funds to pay in for  subsidies. And definitely Country is above all,we don't want our self to be sold out like Greece,Right??
    Next change observed in politics and major change in country awareness was observed by mass movement of Shri Anna Hazare jii. Seriously,I respect this man. I always thought all this mass movement and gathering of educated people from different fields of all age groups and for one motive of Resolution or change is just a illusion created by media and just a matter of books . I used to think that such revolution like that of Civil Disobedience  and Non-Cooperation started by Gandhiji was just because people were poor and illeterate and want people commanding them who were from different land to be crushed so that they can rise to power and such things are now a matter of past and such a gathering in today's time in country like India could only be called together with power of money . But this man-Annaji proved me wrong and just not me-all those people were proved wrong who thought this revolution will never be a success. But it was -a success. And aim was one -"Raise voice against corruption". This revolution actually reflected that people are aware and they are tired of corruption in system,and dullness and non-competitive approach of government offices. Either let it be a bribe of Rupee 1 or it be loss to exchequer because of negligence of our PM. We are done with this and India demands change.
       Recently,I had an encounter with Deputy Commissioner of my city Mr. Priyank Bharti(IAS-2001 batch) and I asked him the same question of his view on corruption. He told his very interesting view. he said "a person is never born corrupt. His nature and values are decided by his surroundings. He gave me a very interesting example on match fixing charges leveled on Mr. Jadeja and Mr. Azharuddin. He said that he don't know if they were actually involved in above said crime or not. But what he knows is only that no one could ask question on their dedicated hard work and capabilities because that was the only reason they were there playing for the country. But if they are alleged means that there is also some faults in the system too. Aisa toh hai nahi ki unhe kisi ne paise lena dena on verge of there career pehle se sikha diya ho. So what it means that there are bugs inside system which is eating it from inside. And system has to be changed,extrinsic characters which make values inside a person has to be improved and bugs has to be found and flushed out. Not complete system. " I was impressed.  
          So is the working of Anna Hazare and his ex team of India Against Corruption was working on. A mechanism to flush out bugs of the system by introducing Jan Lokpal Bill . Though,Previous team of India Against Corruption is now over and new era of political entry of Arvind Kejriwal has begun. There is again uncertainty among masses that what would happen next. Either it be UPA or NDA,or proposed Third front alliance(Yet to be formed) or Its Arvind Kejriwal new political team whic he says that,it is people's own party to be worked by people on people's fund for people's benefit(seems to be Indian Preamble line). But what interesting here is also that change is actually being felt. People are scoping for something good could be routed out of all this change and as promised by Arvind Kejriwal ,cleanliness drive for Indian society is started.

(It is My First blog , I hope you find the above topic informative and as its my first blog,I have not written it systematically and will try to write better blogs further. )


  1. nice work mr accused. hope to see more such kind of work from you.

  2. Good Start Girish, keep writing!