Friday, 10 October 2014

Vagueness Of Swacchta(Cleanliness Drive)

How spectacular event it has been and what a attention it got when Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narinder Modi launched his flag mission-Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. Reading about and thinking about it number of educated urbanised Indians might have thought now everything will be fine or maybe we will emulate culture of clean streets,clean houses,hygienic living as in Western Countries.
          How lovely are our dreams!! Believing in Fairy tales are our habit right? But,to achieve that no individual efforts needed to be done,as our sheer belief in a superpower to come and providing us with all our dreams. How classic!
   And we are a developing nation. We claim to be living in a modern world where we have a trust that we will become superpower in like next 20-30 years and yea baby we are done. We achieved. But,need to ask is it done by you? A guy in my locality market talking about Modi ji's mission and claiming for better future and in next second he is dropping a wraper on the street after having his favourite Sub.
     Paradoxically,still we are carrying a mindset where we are putting a onus of street cleaning on safayiwala and municipalities,and not doing even a little effort ourself to pick that wraper and throw it in a dustbin. Is it so hard to do?
   Paradoxically we want to take it as a fun for one time to clean an area and click a picture to show how patriotic and responsible we are and on the second day same person himself throwing a wrapper over there and criticizing that these safayi karamcharis are doing nothing. Is our life only restricted and meant for social sites popularity only?
 Paradoxically,we want to get off the distinction of class and caste and the next moment people are looking at sweepers and raddi walla's like they are some criminals and not even one person want to give them the renumerations or appraisal for the work they are doing which none of you ever wants to take in your hands. Is our society still living in that dark traditional phase of downtrodden society?
    Paradoxically,a politically effluent man sitting in a coffee bar of a 5 star hotel chatting about welfare of poor people and wishing that Indian education and oppurtunity should reach all ,when step out of a hotel,give a scathing look at slums next to hotel and tag people there as criminals and not contributing even a 1% out of his pocket for welfare of that person. When urban cities problems of slum and deprivation of livelihood could be solved by combined efforts of all if only 1% of salary contribution for welfare schemes with proper monitoring mechanism. 40% of clean India target will be achieved by this only. But,we are not ready. Of course by that 1% ,we can afford more movies you see. Is this a picture of selfless helpful and sensitive India we try to portray?
    Multiple paradoxes are there which can be pointed out anywhere. But,instead of solving it we are happy to let it be as it is. Ofcourse it's not our duty-it is governments duty as if government is some alien body.
     This has to be changed. Swacch Bharat need to be looked as glamorous event,it is need to be seen by all of us as holistic approach to solve multiple deprivations and paradoxes in order to build and attain India a status of not only Global power in future but also a preacher of good thoughts.
     Vagueness in approaches bring more problems than a solution. Better to be rational and see every problem as a reason for another problem. Need is to take a step to break this vicious cycle of inequality and creating a equal ,clean and model nation not just for one section but for all. It needs all round contribution and better to start early. Better to point out near ones when they are wrong and better to be good yourself. Clean India is Clean YOU!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ostentatious glow of Foreign Land

I belong to Doab region of Punjab,area well known for maximum number of NRI's in India. Doaba area today is now one of the richest area of Punjab and so is reasoned because of inflow of foreign currency and thus increase in spending power of area residents. Resulting with 4th most developed state of India,it is also mentioned ,this high rating is because of high expenditure rating which is mostly because of contributing NRI Punjabis. COOL enough,isn't it? Our Punjab is growing,our economy is growing,our country as a result is growing.
In fact, I have some other idea in my mind too. and that is related to that forgotten topic we used to read in our class 9th or class 10th Civics books ,that reflected upon its pros! AH! AH! O yea, "BRAIN DRAIN". yea brain drain,the theory that explains that skilled people are moving out in search of high pay,contributing in their economy ,building foreign economy and hence creating a dearth of workers in their own country. Par kya fark parta hai,all of it is just a bookish theory ,kamane toh paise hai,and if they are providing us opportunity,why shouldn't we avail it? Nothing bad in that,seriously nothing. But what I actually feel sad about is when our youth is thinking of moving out just because of facilities they provide,security,improved lifestyle. Whenever someone says like this,I would like my readers to ask them- What have you done to make it all better in your country too? Going by the fact, Indian Civil Services has 24% of seats lying vacant from last 10 years ,and if it is so then that means there are less people who are more inclined to bring a change in their country in compare to people taking this exam as opportunity for their ill motives after getting appointed or feeling more privileged to contribute in other country's economy building.
The thing is not that, you should let off opportunities for better prospects,but it would be much better to take some opportunities of less benefits initially and in your own country,and with your efforts make it big,bring a change because urban youth still has undue advantage of more conscience and knowledge about surroundings and if they will one bring a evolution of opening up venture,small indigenous plants or enter into entrepreneurship or self-developed business if they couldn't get into Govt. Jobs and bring even a small change in our economy,this will not encourage youths from all parts of country to actively participate and will avoid moving out.
I know what I am all talking about seems tough,dreamy but if by some sincere efforts all will work ,it would work. And we all know of recent Govt. Policies which are encouraging it too. The thing is to punch the hammer at right time. Because guys,out there is foreign land ,you might be living an lavishing life,going to different places at weekends , having a dinner with your earnings at a very nice restaurant,but you will also be staying away from your culture, you are still an alien at their land,and you are still contributing to their economy rather than helping you root country to grow. Accept this reality!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Indian Judiciary - We are fools!!

How sarcastic it looks na?? But my title topic is the only topic also being one of the issue that is at the moment getting discussed by those judges who gave verdict for improvement of Indian Politics. Indian system is well defined in its book - in Respected Constitution for separation of powers of Legislature,Executive and Judiciary and powers are well defined with Judiciary given an exclusive mandate to keep a check on something wrong done by legislature or executives to uphold the validity of idols of Constitution. And so does a special privilege being provided by judiciary to common man to file a PIL if one feels something wrong is going on in the country and one such was done in present litigation in which court using section 4 & 5 and 62(5) barred person who is in jail to contest an election.
But point is what is the use of such verdicts or such litigation or PIL if constitution watch authority of highest court of land is allowed to be reversed by bringing out legislation or ordinance against it the very next day. Either it was 1975 or it is now 2013,there is no change in stance of this Indian Government. All our innocent politicians want to ensure that their business go unhurt and they continue with what they are doing currently giving reverence to highest court of land. Who says that,the don't respect our courts ?? They do yaar,they are just doing it in interest of people so that their birth right of getting exploited by them is not taken away.
They say that they gave birth to kannon of Judicial Review and they have right to keep a check on it and Judiciary is what doing today is Judicial overreach rather than Review. But i want to contend if a highest court of land is bringing forth a fact from decided set of rules and which is for benefit of country,than how could it be a over-reach. It is working under set rules and deciding with facts. Innocent Politicians just carry apprehensions that during elections an opposite party member can lodge a fake FIR and will send them to jail and bar them from contesting. Kisse pagal bana rahe ho yaar? All knows that what actually judgement say, it lucidly says that a barred person who is convicted, not accused!!!! And secondly on one side,you keep on accusing that the other party member is going to put up a fake cases and on other side you are passing the Ordinance which not only negates this verdict but also helps those convicted criminals.
If all you want to make laws and apply according to you,then what is reason of keeping courts,why are you spending our money on institutions which cannot decide independently and if it does it gets negated,then isn't it better to dissolve it? Wouldn't it be better that if you think that you have better acumen of deciding that what is right or wrong or we say you are almighty in that sense,then keep both legislature and judiciary with yourself. Make laws according to your comfort and also use it according to you,and you can even change it if you feel someone from your innocent family is getting trapped in it.
It is not only a fact but also believed that Indian Judiciary has taken best decisions according to conditions and situation of land. Its past verdicts has helped people not in hundreds but in thousands. Tough decisions on civil and criminal suits are slow that too because of laxity on part of authorities,but working in relations of constitutional watch and regarding public relations is commendable . Intellectuals who are holding the chair at bench are best minds of this country and know the law very well,but unfortunately our system has taken a wrong turn and those authoritarian parties want to work according to their own benefit . Instead of giving reverence to these people ,they are actually working against spirit of Constitution. And tool they got at the moment which is through Ordinance route is only helping them as it is their President, who is working as a tool rather than being first citizen of country and taking decision checking its flaws and benefits. It is very unfortunate that today India,which is considered to be largest democracy ,is in danger because demos are not understanding the real motives of their representatives and being carried away easily because of petty goods being gifted during elections and vote accordingly. It is very unfortunate that rather than being a democracy,our country is getting turned into a hereditary representative democracy as only one family is ruling and trend is continuing and no new leader is emerging. Indian future is dark. So,it is better that more and more people understand their responsibility and get out on roads ,teach more and more people about current situation, tell them about their rights, tell them about democracy, make them understand that what their vote can bring to this country. Tell them that country for which your forefathers fought is in danger and need your help. Only then,we can expect that Our system can be saved. All powers can use their exclusive rights in proper manner and even these politicians will understand the spirit of people and working responsibly and even our Judiciary system can ensure justice to all.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Citizen of India- A humiliation or pride?

Recently, I came across an article that define how our Indian youth thinks about being an citizen in this country and what are their views about ongoing situations relating to Indian Democracy, implementation of public policies,their views on governance.
      While 24% of youth aged between 17-28 thinks that being an Indian Citizen is a humiliation,as Government is not doing enough to provide enough employment opportunities, ensuring safety to them , global shame they face when being called a citizen of corrupt society, lack of policy implementation, political unrest, and poor Governance where our Prime Minister is bound to work in limited arena restricted by coalition. Relating to their views on Indian Democracy a certain section (sorry I don't remember exact percentage) thinks that Democracy in India is in bad shape as actually views of people are never considered while making laws and laws if made are not implemented in proper way which could serve people properly, and efficacy of Executive is even questioned on their proper non implementation of policies and irresponsible behavior and apathy towards need of common man. This certain section thinks that today there is a great need of Dictatorship which can ensure proper functioning of all three institutions on command of one person which is strong enough that to ensure proper functioning of Government.
     All right, I really appreciate views of my Dear Young India ,but out of all these views and your thinking about Indian Governance,I just wish to ask one question, have you done your part responsibly??
       How pathetic that question seems to be,Right? But seriously, do you really think that you have acted responsibly yourself? You know, what actually democracy means,what has it actually given us?
     Democracy is definitely not a weak word. It defines you, it defines Citizen above all, it ensures your freedom is intact, it ensure that you rule, it ensures that you have right to speak whatever you feel like , and above all live life with dignity. Do you think that a dictator will provide you with all that? I think that you people don't give your time enough to read what has dictatorship done to Arab countries, our neighbor Nepal, Myanmar and if that is not enough, you should definitely need to know about the agony this autocratic rule has left to those people who was present during President Rule of 1975-77 during Miss Indira Gandhi time. You definitely should, because only then you will come to know how your actual rights can be taken away to fulfill selfish means of that Dictator.
   Secondly, I was referring to your duties towards this Governance (obviously you are the rulers according to very principle of democracy) . Duties that this very known principle of democracy provides us with are to be an active elector during an election,that is cast your vote every single time, so that you could be a part of selecting your representative. Be an active Participant in telling people about welfare policies about government and how they could take benefit of it. All educated youth should be a part of teaching underprivileged students. Take notice of condition of country and be a part of its policy making process by expressing your views whenever required(After every law tabled in Parliament,it is sent to Standing committee who passes a gazette which asks for views of every corner of society and groups.  ) Participate in development work in local governance bodies and acknowledge them of any problem you think people are facing and use your right to get that problem solved.
       Out of all above duties which are empowered on us, I think there might be just few who understands their duties and perform it. And who don't, they quibble. Obviously everyone need to understand one thing, India is One big country, which is facing huge set of problems ,and we all know about it. Point is just don't criticize it,try to solve it your way. And be an authority yourself. Because you know what you are the system.
We complain about corruption-but who starts it- you. Don't  encourage it and don't face it. We complain about Lethargic way of working of government officials,but who are those officers-they are from among us. You become active and later whole system will be active. We complain about unemployment and less job opportunities- so be the creator of those job opportunities(Obviously being a CEO is better than an employee.) We complain about many other things-but you know what-we all are responsible of it. We are creator of that system and problem and only we have the solution so,change yourself to see better tomorrow rather than complaining about it. And if you feel cheated,you have rights in your hand. Implement it. Use RTI,use RTS,use courts because no one can deprive you of your rights,this country will only endow you with opportunities.
 Take proper notice of conditions and please get above all petty issues like this old tradition of division on communal lines or regional lines or any other discrimination. This all is a political issue and let those politicians handle that, they will definitely face a punch back on those lines some day. But be a countrymen who thinks that everyone living in this country are equal,let it either be a man or woman, we all just have to achieve one goal acting in a responsible manner, and that wonderful goal is India-Country at its best and that we all will do together,because this country is not a humiliation but our own motherland-Our Pride.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Carrying the shameless face

Living in a country where one of oldest civilization exist and studying the fact it was ours first civilization who used to worship a female idol as our goddess and all that respect and traditions are now fading away when you hear a fact like this- A girl is raped in a moving bus? What was her fault? Though it is not the only case,I simply get disturbed when I read anything like this,every other day in the newspaper. Let it be a dalit girl or a para-medic student? How could anybody think about it. How could our human nature fall to such a level that all respect and honor which is taught to every child since he is born our Indian society is forgone in a second- The teaching to respect a women!
                     This year our country has seen many attacks on issues like our fundamental rights,right to press,right to speech,corruption prevailing in the country,faulty legislative working,assault of teenaged girl in Guwahati streets but at the end of 2012,this issue which thankfully has taken shape of public outcry(because thousand's "Mind it thousands not hundreds " of cases does not get noticed) is more disturbing than anything else- A slap on Our Central as well as Delhi Government that you people are not able to save your daughters,and whatever your politically ambitious slogans of "Save Girl Child" you are giving,we the culprits-"Devil Minds" are always successful to create a fear in people's mind so they don't give birth to females or they will face the same or keep your girls at home because We the male dominating society are so futile natured that we cant see those females competing with us and can't see them enjoy there freedom and success.
                Even after 65 years of our Indian Independence and thankfully due to Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi efforts,tough we have increased number of female MP's i.e. 33% of reserved seats for Women and also having our constitutional body as National Commission for Women,we are not getting any fruitful results on controlling such a heinous crime . I mean come on!!! Tough,it is a responsibility of our Indian Police who are so dedicated to their work that they are more engaged in collecting 100 rupees bribe from traffic breakers rather than checking the bus which has crossed the same chowk 3 times in a time span of 30 minutes in which this crime actually took place. Chalo maan liya,- If our so called effective police has caught hold of those bastards-they are bailed  out or released on call of their local MLA. And even if they could not be saved in this manner-Our effective judicial system has such a long trial period that later the justice delivered can be actually considered as JUSTICE DENIED because by the time culprits are in judicial custody and not given the punishment,victim is contionously under mental trauma and regular visits to courts and trials make her more a victim because rapist would be considered innocent unless proved otherwise. Such is the prevalence of law in our country. So no one is afraid of it but challenges it.
                      I just hope no more crime like this could be heard anymore because people-This is our country,they are women of our country-someone's wife,daughter or sister. She might be yours and crime like this not only destroy women's life but also make our country feel ashamed . And I just hope,this time our dear Parliament can make law to curb this crime immediately and make it so hard and effective that no one even dares to repeat it again.
Girish Sharma

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Law Of Nature-CHANGE

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I Can

And the Wisdom to know the difference-Reinhold Niebuhr

Recently with the change on the floor of political world,there is uncertainty among masses. Unable to understand what is actually happening withing Indian Politics. People are actually finding it difficult to accept the change. And difficult to absorb the fact that masses are getting more and more educated and understand what is good for them or not. 
    Very disturbed with the fact that even long running alley of Congress i.e. Trinamool Congress could break its bonding with Congress on grounds of supporting people with opposing FDI in Indian market and Rise in diesel prices. More surprisingly Media and people in political world are now more concerned with the fact that Congress is working unperturbed and has actually passed the Cabinet resolution on FDI and other parties which were thinking of mass oppositions on recent reforms are not observing so. Well,what happened and what is happening???? A day before yesterday the masses which was accusing the UPA government on corruption charges are still supporting it on recent reforms.
                Many views are presented and many are authenticated by experts. The major reason behind recent transition according to some experts are that -It is not like the way that people has spared UPA on corruption ground,UPA will definitely has to definitely explain its stand on corruption issues and losses to Indian Exchequer but masses are not ready to oppose for reforms being introduced in Indian Market. AMAZED!!!! YEsS,people are aware now of actual facts,pros and cons of policies and laws which are actually being enacted. Masses are now coming forward to question the authorities,all thanks to RTI and RTS. 
      There was an opposition to raised in diesel prices and cap on LPG cylinder. Definitely Change creates uncertainty, people started feeling that GOI is not thinking about well being of a common man and sense of insecurity rises but slowly they started absorbing the fact that change is necessary for country's economy . Maybe government don't have enough funds to pay in for  subsidies. And definitely Country is above all,we don't want our self to be sold out like Greece,Right??
    Next change observed in politics and major change in country awareness was observed by mass movement of Shri Anna Hazare jii. Seriously,I respect this man. I always thought all this mass movement and gathering of educated people from different fields of all age groups and for one motive of Resolution or change is just a illusion created by media and just a matter of books . I used to think that such revolution like that of Civil Disobedience  and Non-Cooperation started by Gandhiji was just because people were poor and illeterate and want people commanding them who were from different land to be crushed so that they can rise to power and such things are now a matter of past and such a gathering in today's time in country like India could only be called together with power of money . But this man-Annaji proved me wrong and just not me-all those people were proved wrong who thought this revolution will never be a success. But it was -a success. And aim was one -"Raise voice against corruption". This revolution actually reflected that people are aware and they are tired of corruption in system,and dullness and non-competitive approach of government offices. Either let it be a bribe of Rupee 1 or it be loss to exchequer because of negligence of our PM. We are done with this and India demands change.
       Recently,I had an encounter with Deputy Commissioner of my city Mr. Priyank Bharti(IAS-2001 batch) and I asked him the same question of his view on corruption. He told his very interesting view. he said "a person is never born corrupt. His nature and values are decided by his surroundings. He gave me a very interesting example on match fixing charges leveled on Mr. Jadeja and Mr. Azharuddin. He said that he don't know if they were actually involved in above said crime or not. But what he knows is only that no one could ask question on their dedicated hard work and capabilities because that was the only reason they were there playing for the country. But if they are alleged means that there is also some faults in the system too. Aisa toh hai nahi ki unhe kisi ne paise lena dena on verge of there career pehle se sikha diya ho. So what it means that there are bugs inside system which is eating it from inside. And system has to be changed,extrinsic characters which make values inside a person has to be improved and bugs has to be found and flushed out. Not complete system. " I was impressed.  
          So is the working of Anna Hazare and his ex team of India Against Corruption was working on. A mechanism to flush out bugs of the system by introducing Jan Lokpal Bill . Though,Previous team of India Against Corruption is now over and new era of political entry of Arvind Kejriwal has begun. There is again uncertainty among masses that what would happen next. Either it be UPA or NDA,or proposed Third front alliance(Yet to be formed) or Its Arvind Kejriwal new political team whic he says that,it is people's own party to be worked by people on people's fund for people's benefit(seems to be Indian Preamble line). But what interesting here is also that change is actually being felt. People are scoping for something good could be routed out of all this change and as promised by Arvind Kejriwal ,cleanliness drive for Indian society is started.

(It is My First blog , I hope you find the above topic informative and as its my first blog,I have not written it systematically and will try to write better blogs further. )